One Step to Sleep

DreamOn works with your body to
activate natural, restful sleep.


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How It Works

By emitting the low-frequency signal of deep sleep via gentle pulses on your skin, DreamOn encourages your brain to replicate that signal, sending you into a deeper sleep, faster

Provides on-

Lightweight and
Easy to Use

No side

Non-Invasive and
Non-Habit forming

Going to Sleep as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Put On

Put On DreamOn device. You can put it on your wrist, palm or ankle.

2. Activate

Press button to activate DreamOn device. You will begin to feel gentle pulses.

3. Relax

The DreamOn device pulses at an optimal rate to help lull your brain to sleep.

Your sleep app

Go deeper with guided meditations,
sleep tracking and more.


Meditations &



Sleep Program

Connect your band

The benefits

Fall Asleep
Deeper Faster

High Quality
Deep Sleep

Easy To Use &

Non-Habit Forming


  • “Received my device yesterday and wore it for the first time last night. I was glad to see that it works very well! I woke up very refreshed this morning — a clear indication that I got some good deep sleep last night! Works very nicely!”
    — U.G. Sunnyvale, CA
  • “I’ve had lot of trouble falling asleep – been dealing with that for many, many years! For the past week, I’ve been sleeping within 10 minutes of switching on DreamOn… It works wonders!!! I’ve been having a deep relaxing sleep each night since I received the product… Great Job guys… You’ve made it totally worth the wait…”
    — M.M. Dubai
  • “First use last night. Slept well. Pushed the button whenever I’d wake up and found myself quickly back to sleep.”
    — J.R. Fairfax Station, VA
  • “I received my DreamOn bands yesterday and put them to use last night. My wife and I both slept soundly, waking up feeling rested and refreshed. I woke up only once during the night thanks to a thunderstorm. I pressed the button, closed my eyes, focused on the pulsing, and went back to sleep in no time at all. We’re both delighted with our bands and look forward to nights of deep sleep!”
    — J.V. Blaine, MN
  • “DreamOn is working here. Sound sleep for the first time in years, plus successful use during the day to reduce situational anxiety. It’s amazing how something so seemingly simple has such a profound effect!”
    — S.S. Eagle River, AK
  • “I’ve used the bracelet for about a week, I can say that most nights I fall asleep before the pulsing stops (10min) which is an improvement from the normal hour. I love that you can adjust the pulse as well. I think the app has cool concepts…”
    — G.O. Swartz Creek, MI
  • “The DreamOn works! I am really get a lot of help from it. Congratulations on bringing a great product to market!”
    — P.F. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • “Received our two dreamon devices and I am totally shocked that mom was immediately willing to try it and not skeptical at all if it would work. Anyway, we both love and depend on our DreamOn’s and love that we can control their duration of cycles, intensity of pulse and how fast the cycles run on the accompanying Dreamon app on our phone! Also love that the device works with or without the app should the phone be left in another room! FIVE STARS for Dreamon!!!!!”
    — P.K. Peoria, AZ
  • “I’ve been using the device for 3 weeks, including an overseas trip (flight time 12 hours.) Previously I had to take all kinds of prescribed or OTC pills to go to sleep almost every day. The DreamOn device helped me so much that over the last 3 weeks, I never had to take anything and was able to fall asleep or fall back asleep. The device is a lifesaver for me…”
    — C.H. Los Altos, CA
  • “I have trouble staying asleep at night, for years. When I first saw the product, I was skeptical it would help. But after 2 and a half weeks with it, I had the first 2 weeks of sleeping consistently through the night in years. if I wake up in the middle of the night, I press the button in the palm of my hand and get back to sleep.”
    — F.E. Houston, TX
  • “This device is so great..if you wake up you hit the button…and boom you’re back asleep… Guys this thing is amazing…Great job”
    — C.F. Lake Ariel, PA
  • “I put it in the palm of my hand and wrap my fingers around it. Now I feel the pulse and it works. It’s so amazing. Every time I wake up during the night, I’m fast asleep again. Thank you guys for creating it.”
    — C.J. Leidschendam, Netherlands

Are you ready to sleep better?

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