Meditate, relax, chill, sleep faster.

Meditate with DreamOn wearable sleep aid device band

Our proprietary pulse technology will soothe you into a state of complete bliss. Cool.

The DreamOn Solution

A wearable that helps you relax and fall asleep faster.

Lightweight and
Simple to Use

Can be used anywhere and lasts for up to a week on a single charge

Backed by science and psychiatrist-developed

Developed from decades of neuroscience research

High quality, drug-free chill and sleep

Non-habit forming, no side effects, works with all ages

Go to Sleep and
Relax Faster

A single touch activates our proprietary pulse. Then... zzzz.

Over 20,000 nights slept and counting

When our sleep data was analyzed, we found users fall asleep up to 40% faster and get more overall sleep. And that makes us smile.

Scientifically Proven

By emitting the low-frequency signal of deep sleep via gentle tactile pulses, DreamOn encourages your brain to replicate that signal, sending you into a deeper sleep, faster.

After just a few nights, most users report falling asleep in almost half the time and sleeping longer.

Learn more about the science

Try it, risk free!

Not sure if you'll like it? Don't worry, you can try it risk free! If for whatever reason DreamOn isn't helping you sleep and wake up more refreshed, we'll take it back, no questions asked.

DreamOn Sleep App

Unlock the full functionality of your DreamOn Band with our companion app • Change pulse settings • Track sleep • Meditations and breathing exercises • Sleep stories • 30-day Sleep program (coming soon)

Ready to feel better? Happy, healthy and well-rested better?