About Us

We’re here to support you and help
you sleep better.

Our Mission

At DreamOn, we believe in science, in simplicity and in utilizing technology for good. We believe that everyone deserves a good night of sleep – free of frustration, anxiety and stress. We believe that everyone should wake up rested and refreshed. We believe in dreams and in dreaming. We believe that DreamOn will help you get the sleep your body deserves.

About Us

Dr. Gerry Sunnen, a board certified psychiatrist and neurologist, has been working with patients for over 30 years to coach them to discover alternative, non-pharmaceutical methods for relaxation and falling asleep. He created the initial prototype for DreamOn based on his extensive knowledge of how the brain functions and what is necessary for sleep. Gerry knew that his colleague Marty’s history of success bringing products to market would make him the perfect partner. Marty worked in the same office building as Juan, who produces mobile apps for museums and cultural institutions. Marty knew that Juan had the aptitude, foresight and aesthetic necessary to bring it all to life. Pulsewear, LLC was formed.

The past five years of prototyping, consumer beta testing and brainwave testing have truly been a labor of love. We’ve had the stereotypical highs and lows but we forged on because of the 70 million + people who suffer from sleep challenges and our knowledge and belief in the ability of DreamOn to make a true, fundamental and meaningful shift in the lives of so many.

The Team

Martin Sokoloff


Juan Sanabria

Product Manager

Dr. Gerard Sunnen

Researcher and Patent Author