Refurbished DreamOn for Less

Refurbished DreamOn for Less

Give The Gift Of Better Sleep & Relaxation For Less: Introducing Our Refurbished Program

This holiday season, help your loved ones (or yourself) relax easier and sleep better with the gift of our Refurbished DreamOn band for only $99. Through the use of Tactile Entrainment, the DreamOn band emits gentle pulsing which signals to the brain to release brain waves responsible for helping you relax quicker and drift to sleep easier. 


Anxiety and Sleep Issues

Anxiety and difficulty sleeping are at an all time high these days, especially with the holiday season upon us. Fortunately, our band can help you to clear your mind whether during the day when a stressful situation arises or just before bed. 

While we’ve recently sold out of our V1 band, we have released a limited amount of refurbished devices. This is a perfect way to experience our proprietary sleep technology at a fraction of the cost. 


All refurbished DreamOn devices: 

  • Go through a rigorous process of testing and cleaning;
  • Are meticulously examined by our technicians;
  • Given a brand new band;
  • Repackaged;
  • Receive FREE SHIPPING; and


The DreamOn App

Paired with our DreamOn app, you are able to track sleep, get tips to sleep better, listen to guided meditations, and more.  What do you have to lose but another night’s sleep?

Version 2 is ready to ship February 2021!

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Disclaimer: The DreamOn band is a relaxation aid. The band and app are not meant to diagnose, assess, treat, or cure any sleep disorder (or any other disorder). If you’re experiencing severe sleeplessness or have health issues that interfere with sleep, we recommend that you speak with a physician.