Good Sleep

DreamOn works with your body to
activate natural, restful sleep .

Dreamon is a patented, intuitive
wearable that guides your mind
to rest so that you can fall
asleep faster. Inspired by
decades of neurology studies, its
a natural, non-pharmaceutical
way to get a better nights rest
without side effects.

Backed by Decades of Science

Scientists have known since the 1930s that we are able to coax brain waves into different rhythms.

DreamOn’s technology is based on decades of research on the neuroscience of brain rhythms and sleep.

DreamOn is an advanced form of entrainment, the process of your internal organs copying and matching the stimuli from an external force.

While most entrainment research has used visual and auditory signals like flashing lights or alarms, DreamOn relies on paced signals that travel through your extensive neural network to alter the calibration of your natural brainwaves. The persistent rhythm of the signal locks step with our own rhythmic brainwaves and soothes them down to those needed for deep relaxation.

Designed for sleep

We’ve designed our DreamOn device to disappear as you settle into a restful night’s sleep.

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