APP: How to use device

DreamOn works through a natural process called entrainment. When you turn on the band, you’ll feel and hear a safe, low frequency pulse that mimics the brainwaves associated with sleep. Focusing on these pulses can help you fall asleep.
Your brain will naturally match the pace, slowing down your brainwaves to the optimal levels for sleep. The band works best if you breathe normally while focusing on the sensation of these gentle pulses.


1. Charge your device for at least 1 hour 

Use the included USB cable and plug it into any source.


2. Try it Before Sleep

Get comfortable and press the button to start the gentle pulses.

Focusing on the sensation will initiate entrainment and help you relax.

Try it before sleep the first time you use it. After you get used to the feeling then try to use it for sleep.

Breath normally while focusing on the pulse.


3. Check the Pulse Feel

You should hear and feel the pulse, You can adjust the intensity to your comfort with the app. In the app: (You > Device > Pulse Adjustments)

Use the app to adjust the intesnity of the device to your comfort


4. Repeat As Needed

Each cycle lasts for ~15 minutes. You can adjust duration in the app.

The device will turn off automatically. Restart and repeat as needed.