Welcome to DreamOn's Affiliate Program

EARN CASH from each referral when you promote DreamOn

When you sign up to be a DreamOn affiliate, we will send you a customized link to DreamOn that you can share with your audience on your website, social media posts, Instagram bio, newsletters, blog - anywhere you communicate with your peeps. When a customer makes a purchase via your referral link, you make some cash. Simple and rewarding!  



We offer a 20% commission on all sales that are made via your unique link code. You will have the option to offer enticing discount codes for special deals we will create for our affiliates during year. 


Commission rate option

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BENEFITS of becoming an affiliate

OFFER SPECIAL DISCOUNTS  we'll create them for you
RESPONSIVE SUPPORT we are your partner
SALE BOOSTING creative assets to generate revenue 
MONTHLY PAYOUT minimum $101 balance required


    POSITIVE DreamOn benefits for customers

    Relax faster
    App integration
    Up to 40% longer Sleep
    Tactile entrainment based
    Meditation and sleep videos
    Made for children and adults
    Wide spectrum of pulse control
     Wearable sleep aid so non-addictive
    Twice featured on CBS's "Innovation Nation"


      NOW is a great time to be a DreamOn Affiliate.

      DreamOn launched just over a year ago. Our initial version benefitted from a successful crowdfunding campaign and launched with amazing pre-sales. We then were featured on CBS's hit show "Innovation Nation" which increased our brand reach nationwide and around the world. Inspired by exceeding our sales expectations and customer feedback, we improved DreamOn and launched our Version 2 early 2021. It's a great time to DreamOn!

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