How It Works

DreamOn Sleep Device

The Science

Throughout the day, our brain exhibits different kinds of brainwaves depending on our mental state. This includes but is not limited to:

• Beta Brainwaves - Alertness
• Alpha Brainwaves - Light relaxation
• Theta Brainwaves - Deep relaxation and sleep
• Delta Brainwaves - Deep, dreamless sleep

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Tactile Entrainment

For decades, neuroscientists have known that external stimuli can coax the brain into different brainwave states. Through gentle pulsing, DreamOn is able to entrain your brain to exhibit Theta brainwaves which helps you relax and drift off to sleep.

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The Solution: DreamOn

At the push of a button, DreamOn gently nudges you to sleep. The band is a simple, easy to use solution to help you get the sleep you need to get through the day.

How entrainment works

Over 20,000 Nights Slept

Since our launch earlier this year, we have recorded over 20,000 nights of sleep data. Users are not only falling asleep significantly faster, they are also sleeping longer and waking more refreshed.

40 More Minutes of Sleep

Over 1 month of use, we found that users are getting up to 40 minutes of extra sleep a night!