How It Works

Developed by a mental health physician and neuroscientist, DreamOn harnesses decades of scientific knowledge and proven sleep strategies to help your body relax and get the rest that it needs.

DreamOn works differently from other sleep aids – it’s all natural, has no side-effects and works via gentle tactile pulses to invite your body to relax and ease into sleep.

The Science

DreamOn is backed by decades of research. Scientists have known since the 1930s that we are able to coax brainwaves into different rhythms.

Tactile Entrainment

By emitting the low-frequency signal of deep sleep via gentle pulses you can feel, DreamOn encourages your brain to replicate that signal, sending you into a deeper sleep, faster.

The Solution: DreamOn

A wearable device and compatible app developed by a team of scientists and doctors harnessing the decades of science with proven sleep strategies creating the premiere sleep solution.

Quiets the Mind

Be in the moment

Relaxes Your Body

Feel the Stress of the day seep out of your body