Refurbished DreamOn

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Refurbished DreamOn
Refurbished DreamOn Refurbished DreamOn Refurbished DreamOn Refurbished DreamOn Refurbished DreamOn

Fully refurbished and guaranteed DreamOn Sleep Device. Each device is examined and cleaned by our DreamOn technicians, repackaged and outfitted with a brand new band. Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. All DreamOn's include:

  • One DreamOn Device

  • Large and Small Neoprene Band

  • USB Charger (Micro USB)

  • Dimensions - 41mm x 33mm

  • Weight - 2 ounces

  • Battery Life - 7-14 Days

  • Connectivity - Bluetooth 5.0

  • Motion Sensor - 3-Axis Accelerometer

  • Body Material - ABS Plastic

  • Strap Material - Neoprene

Non-habit forming

Fall asleep deeper faster

7 day battery life

30 Day trial

1 year warranty

How to Use DreamOn

Wear DreamOn on your wrist, ankle or palm.

Put On

Put on your DreamOn device. You can put it on your wrist, palm, or ankle.

Wearable Sleep Device tracks sleep


Press the button to activate the DreamOn device. You will begin to feel gentle pulses.

Meditate, sleep, relax more with DreamOn a wearable sleep device aid


Feel the pulses pull the stress from the day away from you and gently fall asleep. 

Your Sleep App

Our app uses scientifically-based sleep techniques to help you fall asleep while building a holistic foundation for a lifetime of healthier sleep.

When paired with the DreamOn wearable band, the app becomes a personal sleep coach, offering sleep tracking, tips, a sleep program and more.

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Rest easy with these guarantees

DreamOn Sleep Relaxation wearable device offers a 30 day money back guarantee

30 day risk-free trial

Free shipping

*terms apply

1-year warranty