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Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my device. Now what?

Use the enclosed USB cable to charge your DreamOn band for 3 hours before first use. If you want to pair your device with the DreamOn app, follow directions (below) for pairing. We recommend that you read ‘how does it help me fall asleep’ and ‘how should I use it’ before using for the first night of sleep.

How do I start and stop my device?

Turn on your device with a single short button press. The device will automatically turn itself off after one pulse cycle. If you require an additional cycle, simply press the button again. To stop the device at any time, press the button. Note: if you are tracking your sleep with our app, the device does not need to be on all night but Bluetooth needs to be enabled.

How do I track my sleep?

First, follow our simple directions on pairing the device with your app. When you go to sleep, start the device by pressing the button once. This will automatically start sleep tracking. When you wake in the morning, view your sleep data by visiting the ‘Track’ tab within your app to sync.

How should I use it?

We recommend that you sit or lie in a comfortable spot and adjust the pulse to your liking. If you don’t have the app to adjust the setting, don’t worry – it’s in a universal setting. Find the spot that is most comfortable, either on the inside of your wrist, in the palm of your hand or on your ankle. It is important that you can feel the pulse. Feel the sensation of the pulse and breathe normally. Focusing on the sensation may feel strange at first but it helps to better connect with the rhythm. Allow your mind to clear and your body to relax. It may take a few days to get acclimated but ‘practicing’ with the device will help.

How do I charge my device?

Use the enclosed USB cable to charge your DreamOn band for 3 hours before first use. While your device is charging, you will see an amber light around the button. When fully charged, the light will go off.

How do I pair my device with the app?

Download the DreamOn app and make sure that you have the app opened. Long press the button on the front of the device for 5 seconds until you feel it vibrate. The vibration and flashing light on the button indicates that Bluetooth is activated. Long press for 5 seconds if you want to de-activate Bluetooth. Follow the directions within the app to set up your account. Note: you only need to pair the device once.

How does it help me fall asleep?

DreamOn works by a natural process called entrainment. The tactile and audial pulses (or ‘tap’/’click’ that you feel and hear) connect with your brainwaves, inviting them to slow down to optimal levels for sleep.

How do I adjust the pulse?

You can use the DreamOn app to make adjustments to the feel of the band’s pulse. To do this, open the app and tap ‘You’ on the bottom tab, then ‘Device’ under Settings. You’ll see a large button titled ‘Pulse Adjustments’ where you can modify to fit your preferences. You can increase or decrease the intensity, duration and speed – try them all until you find the one that works best for you. Note that you may want different settings at different times.

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